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  • Road Less Traveler :: Training :: Fri at 2pm
    To further prepare for the PCT, I have also been doing as much physical training as possible. In September 2014 I started going to a 45-minute outdoor cross tra...
  • Creekside Ranch :: Wild, Wild Life :: Fri at 11am
    Come enjoy our "wild and feral foods" at Wild Food Week, April 4?10! Participating restaurants include Cesar, Chez Panisse, Mission Chinese and Missio...
  • Creekside Ranch :: Blue Skies :: Fri at 9am
    Welcome back to our long-dormant blog! Please check out our updated pages on Pastured Lamb and Where to Buy our meats. Thanks for stopping by! ?Katy, Evan and D...
  • Road Less Traveler :: Gear :: Thu at 1pm
    Every ultralight backpacker is constantly trying to cut ounces from the weight they have to carry and I am no exception. I knew that the gear that I typically u...
  • Road Less Traveler :: backpacking food :: Thu at 12pm
    A lot of people have asked me what I’m going to eat while hiking the PCT. Since food has been the biggest part of my preparations, I wanted to include...
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  • Comments for Road Less Traveler :: Comment on backpacking food by Tracker :: Sun at 5pm
    I’ll look for you mile 210 in Snow Creek.what are your fave things to eat, at home? You seem soooo ready for your outdoor adventure, all you need to d...
  • Comments for Road Less Traveler :: Comment on backpacking food by travel :: Sat at 7pm
    Hahaha…I actually have lembas bread! Or at least what one person calls lembas bread. Its a hardy cracker and I hope it provides that much energy.
  • Comments for Road Less Traveler :: Comment on Training by travel :: Sat at 7pm
    Thanks! I’m really happy with how fast I’ve gotten. Maybe after all this hiking I’ll be even faster.
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