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  • Road Less Traveler :: to Big Bear City :: Tue at 4pm
    It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update my blog and some memories are already getting a bit confused so the accuracy of the fo...
  • Road Less Traveler :: Mission Creek :: Tue at 1pm
              Immediately after Snow Creek, we had to cross a wide, hot valley then pass under I-10. Knowing how hot it...
  • Road Less Traveler :: Snow Creek :: Tue at 12pm
    In the morning, Merkel, Horizon and I had just 8 miles to our destination, our shortest day yet. But we had a lot of switchbacks to do to get down the hillside....
Weblog Comments last week
  • Comments for Road Less Traveler :: Comment on to Big Bear City by Aunt Patty :: Fri at 12am
    Hope you liked all the treats in the care package. Enjoy the pictures you are posting. Hope all is going well on your happy trails. Take care of yourself. Love,...
  • Comments for Road Less Traveler :: Comment on Snow Creek by Sarah :: Thu at 11pm
    What a gracious gift! The shelter of their home during a 115° day, and a great meal and bed!
  • Comments for Road Less Traveler :: Comment on Mt. San Jacinto by Sarah :: Thu at 11pm
    That’s a pretty clever poem.
  • Comments for Concrete Skyline Concrete Skyline :: Comment on This is what it takes to determine the price of service from Comcast by Roman Rowan :: Mon at 11am
    I could post the same sort of inane, beat around the bush, endless weaseling with these slimeballs at the India call centers. A simple question is 45-60 minutes...
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