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  • Road Less Traveler :: Training :: Fri at 2pm
    To further prepare for the PCT, I have also been doing as much physical training as possible. In September 2014 I started going to a 45-minute outdoor cross tra...
  • Creekside Ranch :: Wild, Wild Life :: Fri at 11am
    Come enjoy our "wild and feral foods" at Wild Food Week, April 4?10! Participating restaurants include Cesar, Chez Panisse, Mission Chinese and Missio...
  • Creekside Ranch :: Blue Skies :: Fri at 9am
    Welcome back to our long-dormant blog! Please check out our updated pages on Pastured Lamb and Where to Buy our meats. Thanks for stopping by! ?Katy, Evan and D...
  • Road Less Traveler :: Gear :: Thu at 1pm
    Every ultralight backpacker is constantly trying to cut ounces from the weight they have to carry and I am no exception. I knew that the gear that I typically u...
  • Road Less Traveler :: backpacking food :: Thu at 12pm
    A lot of people have asked me what I’m going to eat while hiking the PCT. Since food has been the biggest part of my preparations, I wanted to include...
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  • Comments for Road Less Traveler :: Comment on backpacking food by travel :: Sat at 7pm
    Hahaha…I actually have lembas bread! Or at least what one person calls lembas bread. Its a hardy cracker and I hope it provides that much energy.
  • Comments for Road Less Traveler :: Comment on Training by travel :: Sat at 7pm
    Thanks! I’m really happy with how fast I’ve gotten. Maybe after all this hiking I’ll be even faster.
  • Comments for Road Less Traveler :: Comment on backpacking food by Kevin :: Fri at 9pm
    No lembas bread? A small piece can give you energy for a full day’s journey.
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