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  • Road Less Traveler :: Goldmeyer Hotsprings :: Thu at 10pm
    When leaving Snoqualmie pass, I had an immediate decision to make: follow the PCT or take an alternate route to some hotsprings. After consulting the maps and t...
  • Road Less Traveler :: Rain :: Thu at 9pm
    I was awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of rain drops hitting my tent. While in White Pass, I had heard that it was supposed to rain either Saturda...
  • Road Less Traveler :: White Pass :: Tue at 7am
    On Friday morning I hiked the remaining 12 miles to White Pass, getting some nice views of Mt. Ranier from a cold and windy ridge. The hiking was pretty flat an...
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  • Comments for Road Less Traveler :: Comment on 100 days by travel :: Mon at 10pm
    Thanks for the comments, Donna! There hasn’t been much reception in WA, but I’m safe and having a great time.
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